How to childproof your windows

Taking a look at a home from a child’s viewpoint can be an eye-opening exercise, making you understand just the number of stairs there are to climb up, sockets to fiddle with and cords to pull. If you’re preparing to hear the patter of tiny feet, or have actually simply moved into a new residential or commercial property with your youngster, then childproofing your home ought to be a top priority. Your windows are a fundamental part of this, and are often eclipsed by the requirement to file down sharp edges, stop up electrical sockets and install baby gates. Here are some easy tweaks you can make to guarantee your windows are completely safe for curious little beasts to be around.

Install internal blinds

When you’ve got a newly crawling child about, or a toddler that’s just found out how to stroll, the last thing you desire is the cords from your blinds to be hanging or routing along the carpet, this is a huge trip and choking threat. Internal blinds eliminate this issue, without effecting on the aesthetic appeals and performance of the blinds. The system fits inside the two panes of your glazing, and is operated either by magnets, a pulley-block or a push-button control.

Use tilt and turn windows

Having a child in your home shouldn’t imply that you need to keep the windows closed at all times. Having the ability to tilt your windows inwards on a horizontal axis (rather than fully opening them outwards on the vertical axis) is a perfect choice for moms and dads, as it suggests that it is essentially difficult for kids to have a mishap.

Fit window stops and guards

An easy and budget-friendly way to childproof your existing windows is to fit a stop or guard to the frame. Window stops are wedge-shaped devices that enable you to control exactly how far the window can be opened. If your kid attempts to push it further, the wedge will not permit it. Window guards are grilles that are easily fitted to the inside of your window so that, even if the window is open, there is a strong barrier protecting your child.

Keep them free from clutter

Young children are popular for their inquisitive natures and love of exploring, and there’s no doubt that they would try to climb up a pile of boxes or books if it remained in their way. If this pile of products is built up under the window sill, then it could be dangerous.

Apply a protective film to the glass

In the remarkable circumstance that your youngster handles to accidentally smash a window, it’s crucial to keep the glass far from them. Using a protective film will imply the panes comes away in one sheet, instead of shattering into a thousand sharp pieces.

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