Roof Lantern – A good choice for your home?

As the name suggests, roofing system lanterns assist to flood the space below with natural light, in a similar way to skylights. While everyday skylights are a simply functional method to increase light, roofing lanterns, with their appealing pitched structure, develop an architectural feature that is gorgeous as well as functional. But how can you tell if a roofing lantern is the right fit for your property?

If you want to create a remarkable function, a roofing lantern will not disappoint. Whether you have a brand new extension, or have actually upgraded an existing room, integrating a roofing system lantern into the design can really take the area to another level, adding an advanced touch that few other architectural features can match.

Stemming from medieval times, roofing lanterns have always had a naturally standard feel. Yet, with the range of materials available today, they can match almost any style of home, from a new-build townhouse to a barn conversion. For instance, choose from smooth grey aluminium for a crisp, contemporary feel, or timeless timber for that timeless heritage appearance. Similarly, the shape of the lantern can be customised to suit your house and tastes, from the classic pitched shape to more uncommon designs.

Maximum light and privacy

There is no doubt that natural light is critically important for our wellness. While huge glass doors are appealing and reliable at generating light, they aren’t always useful if your residential or commercial property is neglected at the back. Setting up thick curtains can beat the purpose. A roofing lantern, however, will bring huge amounts of light into your space, without giving the neighbours a peek into your private space. Plus, a terrific advantage of roofing lanterns is the special view they offer, offering glimpses of stunning blue skies and starry nights from the comfort of your house.

No need to compromise on energy efficiency

Along with being appealing, roofing lanterns offer clear practical benefits. Modern glazing technology guarantees roof lanterns are extremely thermally effective, assisting to keep out the cold in winter and avoid overheating in summertime. Not just does this guarantee maximum comfort, it can also help lower your heating bills and minimise the requirement for heating and cooling.

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